Monday, July 18, 2011

Bradley Beach tourists targeted by French Fries-stealing seagulls

The Bradley Beach NJ Tatler has learned that this Gull and many of his gang/friends (often informally called seagulls) have been targeting locals and  Bradley Beach Tourists and stealing their French Fries from the boardwalk and beach. 

We have not yet spoken to Ronnie Long Bradley Beach's Gull expert. But Bill the Man on Main Street said just buy them their own the local beachfront grills can use the extra business. Our friends from the BBC sent us this photo and believe this Gull may be our Gull and the Master Mind behind Increased sales of French Fries for local beachfront restaurants. 

We here at the Bradley Beach NJ Tatler office are sure that this Gull from the UK is not our Gull he has a yellow beak. Our Gull has a black beak. We do think they know each other maybe friends on Facebook

Bradley Beach New Jersey Gulls

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